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Queen of the World

The Nigerian Queen TITI LOKEI has always been musically gifted. Throughout the course of her musical career, Lokei has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues Internationally, participating in public appearances, all the while recording new music.  LoKei infuses a great amount of Hip Hop with her already Afro Beat-pop sound. She is truly versatile, and her forthcoming project will show each side of her brilliantly.

Although, born in Chicago, Illinois, Titi LoKei has always had a unique appreciation for culture. Both of her parents were born and raised in Nigeria, Africa. Titi's appreciation for her Nigerian roots are evident in her song and dance.  She has worked with WGCI 107.5fm as a promotions and programming intern which allowed her to network and receive advice from artist such as Keri Hilson, Big Sean, Omarion and more! She is a strong and persistent lyricist who has proven that she wants to be a music mogul in her own right. 

Titi LoKei has had experience performing alongside some of the industries finest artist. She has opened for headliners such as Jeremih, WizKid, Davido, Rotimi, Twister, and much more. Titi LoKei's diverse lyrical abilities make her an asset to any show. She prides herself on being the author of all her songs and songwriter for others. 

In addition, LoKei has always fought for what is right. While holding executive positions on Boards such as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and ACA (African Cultural Association) she raised money for various social actions causes abroad. Her community involvement is a key reason that she strives to be a success in the rap industry. 

"I am dedicated to the game and as a Woman it is my duty to make a change!!"

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